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Biology 10 is a more in-depth look at the things you learned from your 7th grade life science class. We will be focusing more on the "smaller" things of biology such as looking at cells and cell parts using microscopes and other tools. We will then shift to genetics, which takes a look at why we and other organisms look and act the way we do. We will then finally finish up with talking about the many types of life found on Earth and how they interact with the environment around them! Below you will find the syllabus for our biology class.

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Peppered Moth Experiment

Biology 10 Unit Review Quizlets | Click HERE |

Class Materials Below you will find notes, assignments or projects that we have completed or will complete for Biology 10. The files are either .pdf, .doc, or .ppt, please let me know if you need a different type of file.
Basics of Biology 
The Chemicals of Life 
Cells and Cell Transport Notes 
Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration 
Cell Reproduction 
Genetics and Meiosis
DNA to Proteins
Natural Selection and Organism Change 
Population Ecology 
Community Ecology 
Ecosystem Ecology 
Biome Ecology

Most notes also have a video with them, check out the YouTube Channel!

MCA Vocabulary Flashcards. A flaschard powerpoint of the essential vocabulary that will be on the MCA tests. Students should be able to define all of the words that are in the document.

MCA Essential Questions Document. This is a word document showing the main types of conceptual questions that you should know for the MCA Science Exams.

MCA Practice Test. Test yourself to see how well you would do if these were indeed the MCAs. The Powerpoint is designed to resemble the types of questions and scenarios that will be given on the MCAs.

How good are you? Check this interactive site so see just how well you know your biology.

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