Introduction to Spanish I (Middle School)
This class will provide you with a basic introduction to Spanish language and culture! Just how many Spanish-speaking countries are there? You'll find out in this class! How do I greet someone, say goodbye, ask them their name? Take this class and find out! 

Introduction to Spanish II (Middle School)
New this year at Goodhue, this class is a deeper exploration of Spanish culture. In this class we will take a look at Spanish through the lens of movies, music, art, food, and so much more! 

Introduction to French (Middle School)
Another new class at Goodhue this year! Middle schools students will have the opportunity to explore a different foreign language. Students will learn basic communication skills in French, explore the culture, and view life from a different worldly perspective. 

American Sign Language (Middle School)
The last new foreign language course this year at Goodhue will allow students to learn how to communicate without speaking. It's estimated that 1 in 20 people in the U.S. are deaf or hard of hearing. Chances are good, there may be someone you know! We will take a look at how Sign Language came to be what it is today, and how to communicate with just your hands!

Spanish I

Basic grammar and language concepts are developed. Speaking pronunciation is emphasized. Understanding of the culture and Spanish speaking people is also studied intensely. The teacher will attempt to teach in the target language as much as possible, after the first semester. Students will develop survival speaking skills and a good overall knowledge of what life is like in Spanish speaking countries after completing the course.

Spanish II

A more in-depth view of the grammar of Spanish will be studied in this class. A higher percentage of Spanish will be used in class as well. Speaking proficiency will be emphasized. Culture and lifestyles will also be studied more in-depth using videos tapes, etc. History and literature will be introduced in this class. Simple speaking skills and an in-depth knowledge of the culture are developed at the completion of this class. A trip to a Spanish speaking country may be offered.



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