Medical Biology

Medical Biology

Welcome to Medical Science for the school year! In this syllabus, you will find information about the content of the course, the classroom procedures, and grades and schedule that will be used through the year. This class has two main purposes: to introduce students into the expectations of being a health care professional AND to provide the base knowledge needed for nearly all medical field required courses. 

Online Textbook For Medical Science: HERE
Online Quizets for Medical Science: HERE

Most notes also have a video with them, check out the YouTube Channel!
Anatomical Position and Human Body Intro
Being a Good Health Care Professional
Bones Notes
Muscular System Notes

Nervous System Notes
Endocrine System Notes
Integumentary System
Respiratory System Notes
Cardiovascular System Notes
Digestive System Notes
Reproductive Systems Notes
Immune System Notes

Case Studies
Mouse Party
Colored Pictures of MRI-CT Scan and Assignment
Mental Health Document
Human Eye Interactive Game
Human Ear Interactive Game

Medical Science Timeline

1. Review of Cell Parts, Cell Environment, and Importance of Homeostasis

  1. Lab: Cells-Different body cells. Review: Plant vs. Animal, Euk vs. Pro
  2. Activity: What each system does
  3. Biological organization, basic chemistry
  4. Organ Anatomy
  5. Anatomical Position Words

2.  Nervous system-where it all starts

  1. How messages are sent through the body
  2. ALS, bipolar, schizophrenia, depression/anxiety
  3. Lab: Reaction Lab
  4. How messages are sent
  5. Activity: Drugs and alcohol on the body-what is actually going on?
  6. Caffeine: How does it affect-for better or worse…
  7. Lab: CT and MRI Scans of the Brain. What is MRI, CT?

3.    Skeletal System

  1. Anatomy and Physiology-Bones (wait for muscles)
  2. Lab: X-Ray Lab
  3. Osteoporosis Activity
  4. Bone formation in the fetus and how structure of bone changes over time
  5. Classes of Fractures and Joint Types

4.    Muscular System

  1. “Training”-What you are looking for? Strain vs. Sprain
  2. Bedside manner-What is good practice?
  3. Tendon vs. Ligament
  4. Lab: Muscle Types (Slides)

5.    Integumentary system

  1. Lab: Types of skin cancer
  2. Activity: Diagnosing skin cancer (A, B, C, Ds of Skin Cancer)
  3. Burns and types of burns

6.    Endocrine System

  1. Hormones: What are they, how do they originate?
  2. Our chemical signals-where do they affect?

7.    Cardiovascular and Circulatory System

  1. Why is smoking actually bad for you?
  2. Lab: Different Blood Types (Snake, Bird, Human)
  3. Blood Composition Lab: Centrifuge Activity?

8.    Immunity

  1. Virus
  2. Bacterial
  3. Cancer-Malignant vs. Benign
  4. Vaccination Controversy


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