Science 9

Welcome to Science 9!

The Science 9 class is an exploration of the physical world around us. How do we know so much about the history of Earth when we don't have time machines? Have you ever thought how a huge 747 jet can carry 300+ people and all of their luggage? Physics is the study that allows us to answer this and many other questions about motion. The class is mainly divided into two sections: earth science and physics. This lab is very lab intensive, hands on, and you will learn about the physical environment around you-especially what you can't see. 

Science 9 Quizlets


Below you will see the notes for Science 9, updated school year 22-23!
Unit 1-Science Skills | Notes |
Unit 2-Earth's Interior | Notes | 
Unit 3-Earths Surface | Notes |
Unit 4-Earth's Atmosphere | Notes |
Unit 5-Astronomy and Space Science | Notes |
Unit 6-Motion | Notes |
Unit 7-Fluid Physics | Notes |
Unit 8-Newton's Laws | Notes |
Unit 9-Work and Power | Notes |
Unit 10-Energy And Electricity | Notes |

Most notes also have a video with them, check out the YouTube Channel!

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